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Dịch vụ nha khoa tại phòng khám tiền sản và tiểu đường của Trung tâm Sức khỏe Virginia Garcia Memorial


The Mission of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center is to provide high quality, comprehensive and culturally appropriate health care with a special emphasis on migrant and seasonal farmworkers and others with barriers to receiving health care. They serve 1 in every 15 residents of Washington and Yamhill counties in Oregon.


CareOregon Dental supplied $475,000 and provided ongoing technical assistance and support to Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center (VGMHC) throughout the two-year project duration. VGMHC aimed to create a culture of dental and medical collaboration throughout their clinic system by providing dental hygiene services in the primary care setting as well as enhance our shared EHR. VGMHC identified priorities for their at-risk populations: pregnant patients, young children, and patients with diabetes.


  • Hire three new staff: project manager, Epic site specialist, dental access and outreach coordinator. Rework hygiene positions to incorporate integrated dental hygienist
  • Embed expanded practice dental hygienist in obstetric clinic
  • Implement Baby Day centering program at Women’s Clinic
  • Implement immunizations at Baby Day
  • Develop and implement Epic scrubbing tool and toolkit; grant monitoring plan and tools; bidirectional referral tool
  • Develop and implement process for care coordinating all pregnant women to dental care
  • Develop and implement oral health messaging to diabetes care for providers and patients
  • Create and implement workflow for CareSteps
  • Develop workflow for medical assistants to scrub Baby Day charts and come to Baby Day to offer vaccines

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center - Resources

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