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Dịch vụ nha khoa lưu động của Hiệp hội Phục hồi Chức năng cho Người Mỹ bản địa (NARA)


The mission of the Native American Rehabilitation Association is to provide education, physical and mental health services and substance abuse treatment that is culturally appropriate to American Indians, Alaska Natives and anyone in need. Their purpose is to achieve the highest level of physical, mental and spiritual well-being for American Indians and Alaska Native people.


CareOregon Dental supplied $372,333 in funding and provided ongoing technical assistance and support to the Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) throughout the two-year project duration. NARA aimed to integrate their dental and medical services and efforts with community outreach. NARA intended to accomplish this by integrating a dental health education program, referral process, and partnering with existing American Indian/Alaska Native service agencies.


  • Create staff training plan
  • Produce and launch marketing plan
  • Acquire portable units with suction, portable radiography units, Dexis sensors and all necessary instruments to provide routine dental treatment
  • Hire integration coordinator and hygienist
  • Develop culturally specific dental health education toolkit to include training materials, presentations, flyers and other educational tools
  • Create training plan for current and future staff; conduct initial staff training

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