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Dịch vụ tiêm phòng tại Multnomah trong bối cảnh nha khoa


Multnomah County Health Department has a vision of healthy people in healthy communities. Their mission is to work in partnership with the communities they serve, to assure, promote and protect the health of the people of Multnomah County. In Fiscal Year 2019, MCHD Dental served more than 25,000 patients with more than 89,000 visits. 60% of patients aged 0-3 are co-engaged with Multnomah County Primary Care. Dental Baby Day serves more than 3,000 patients a year and offers an accessible patient group to offer more whole person and coordinated services


CareOregon Dental supplied $283,532 in funding and provided ongoing technical assistance and support to Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) throughout the two-year project duration. MCHD aimed to improve preventive health outcomes for children through strengthening dental and primary care coordination and integration. MCHD's Baby Day clinics were a focal point to increase the number of co-engaged children obtaining needed immunizations. 


  • Hire certified medical assistant
  • Train Baby Day staff
  • Implement First Tooth, immunizations at Baby Day and co-located warm handoffs
  • Assemble and engage Dental-Primary Care Immunization Workgroup (DPCIW) Leadership
  • Develop and implement plans and workflows:
    • Workflow to identify and document children with an immunization gap
    • Workflows for immunizations at Baby Day
    • Operational project plan
    • Sustainability plan
    • Performance management plan
    • Monitoring and evaluation plans
    • Quality assurance and quality improvement plans

Multnomah County Health Department - Resources

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